We specialize in food provisions, such as pasta, cookies, sugar-free cookies, juices, patries and supplements among others.

About Us

Universal Products PR Inc. is a company dedicated to the distribution of food provisions. Dr. Benjamín Negrón, president of the company, has a 35-year history in Puerto Rico’s food industry. 

He has been president of two of the most important associations in the country, which covers all components of the food industry. One is the Chamber of Wholesale Merchants of Puerto Rico and the other Chamber of Marketing, Food Industry and Distribution (MIDA). The partners are: supermarkets, food wholesalers, cash & carry, clubs (Sams, Costco, etc.), mass merchandisers such as Walmart, etc., food manufacturers and food distributors. It basically includes the entire food industry of Puerto Rico.

These presidencies totaled about 6 years until 2009. During the history of these associations, which covers more than 75 years, he was the second president with the longest time in office. This for him was an honor and a prestige because very few people have held this high office in our country. Therefore, the relationship of Dr. Benjamin Negrón with all the retailers in PR and the food industry in general is a solid one, which goes beyond customer / supplier, but is one of friendship.

The main points of sale of Universal Products PR Inc are the nearly 6,000 small establishments (grocery stores) that we reach indirectly through the wholesalers and cash & carry and the 2,000 points of sale to which we come directly, which cover all supermarkets, both multinational, national and independent, mass merchandisers and clubs. This direct sale represents 80% of the sale of food in Puerto Rico. Our main mission is to provide the consumer with quality products at the best price. Our vision is to give the best service to our clients, which will help them increase their sales and their income. Our distribution is an integrated distribution, since we have our own distribution vehicles, salespeople, merchandisers (service personnel to the stores), as well as a warehouse structure (warehouse). We specialize in products in the supply area, such as pasta, cookies, sugar-free cookies, juices and supplements among others.

Physical Address: Acha Trading Building 500 Street. #5 Sector Puente Blanco Cataño, Puerto Rico 00962
Postal Address: PO Box 191209 San Juan, Puerto Rico 00919-1209
Tel. (787) 986-7464 Tel / Fax. (787) 705-8716